Sizing Your Battery, Inverter, & Controller (5/6)

Hello! This video will help you size solar components for your off-grid system such as batteries, inverters and controllers.

How to Calculate Amp-Hours for Battery Sizing:

Amp-Hours = Watt-Hours/Volts

Example: Sizing a Battery for a 65W TV that runs 10 hours a day (from video 3/6)

Consumption: 650Wh/12V = 54.167Ah

Ideal Battery Size (Double Consumption): 54.167Ah x 2 = 108.33Ah*

*The battery you choose does not need to be this exact number,  but should be within a 10-20% range.

How to size your inverter:

inverter size = total wattage needs


800W (fridge) + 300W (fan) = 1100W

Therefore you would need an inverter larger than 1000W for your system.

*Please note that your inverter's voltage must match your battery bank's voltage.

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